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Upcoming Dive Trips!

Hosted By Narcosis Adventure and Photography

Galapagos Islands!!

Want to go on a trip of a lifetime?!?!? A Bucket List trip?? 

Grab your dive gear and Sharkies patrons ONLY will board the beautiful Humboldt Explorer Yacht headed towards to Galapagos Islands on an unforgettable AQUATIC SAFARI!!!

What is it:

The Galapagos islands are hailed as the “premier” dive destination for scuba enthusiasts.

Crystal clear waters. Extreme aquatic life diversity. Big sea animal experiences (shark, dolphin,

whale, seal, etc.). As well as the beautiful island and it’s diversity as a habitat.

When is it:

June 22nd, 2024 – July 1st, 2024

Where is it: Obviously, the main destination is the Galapagos Island (a provincial island of

Ecuador) but there will be a two (2) day lay-over in capitol city of Quito, Ecuador where divers

will enjoy the city, rest, refit and prepare to join the crew of the Humboldt Explorer (the live-

aboard boat we embark on).



 Total Price $9499.00 USD

 Deposit $1000.00 USD *due upon registration


 Total balance due by February 1st, 2024

What’s included:

 Round trip flight – ATL to Quito/Quito to ATL

 2 night stay in Quito (Mercure Hotel)

 Round trip flight - Quito to Baltra/Baltra to Quito (Baltra is the main city on the

Galapagos island)

 7 days on the Humboldt Explorer (premium live-aboard vessel/yacht)

 Tank fills/weights

 Food/beverage

 2 checked bags (50lbs each) *Quito to Baltra trip only


What’s NOT included:

Meals at hotel (Quito)

Scuba gear (see Sharkie’s for rental/sales information, we will have special pricing for trip goers)

National Park fees and taxes – Paid upon arrival

Extra bags/luggage

Who should go:

Certified divers only – Advanced preferred

*no certification will be offered for this trip*

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